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White Grubs

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What are White Grubs?

White grubs are small, plump, white larvae which viciously chew on grass roots. They live below the soil surface and actually chew off the roots of the grass. Since the grass roots have been destroyed, the lawn will appear yellow in patches, just like the lawn is dying out. The damage looks quite similar to symptoms of dryness and many Weed Man North DFW customers mistakenly assume that the lawn needs only water to restore a lush, green appearance. Other symptoms to watch for include: animals like skunks and raccoons digging up the lawn and birds feeding on grubs, leaving pencil-sized holes. Often damaged turf will roll back like a carpet.


Life Cycle

To control an insect population we must understand its habits and life cycle. Some grubs complete their life cycle in one year. Others require three years to complete this cycle. White grubs survive the winter as larvae in the soil. In the early spring the grubs begin to feed again. Later in the spring and early summer, they enter a resting stage (pupae) then hatch into adult beetles. Weed Man North DFW customers beware! Lots of beetles can mean a grub problem later. The beetles do not damage lawns, but rather lay their eggs which then hatch into grub larvae. The larvae feed voraciously, which results in the yellowing of your lawn.

Serious damage can occur in the spring, late summer and into fall. If the problem is ignored, the patches will get only larger. The damaged areas will then fill in with weeds or crabgrass. The best time to treat grubs is when they are very young, before you are faced with severe damage. Why wait?

Many North Texas lawns are damaged every year by grubs and go unnoticed. By applying the Grub Preventative treatment each year, your North Texas lawn becomes much thicker since the grubs have not been thinning it out. Most North Texas lawns are being damaged by grubs each year, it is only when the infestation is severe that the effects are obvious.


Your Weed Man North DFW are trained specialists. They can recognize the difference between a simple drought problem and a serious white grub infestation. We use materials that are applied carefully and precisely at the correct time to be the most effective in controlling grubs. Due to the severity of this problem in North Texas, we include the preventative grub treatment with our Basic Program in order to ensure a thick North Texas turf each year.