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Soil Revitalizer

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Humic Acids & Microbes to Enhance Your Soil

Weed Man of North DFW’s Soil Revitalizer is a liquid application of high-quality, humic acids and natural microbes. This treatment works to improve soil quality and reduce soil compaction, while increasing microbial activity. 
Homeowners typically top-dress their lawns with topsoil/compost, which contains very little organic structure or microbial activity, but can contain thousands of weed seeds. Topsoil/compost also requires an increased amount of labor, since it must be put down in large amounts which can smother the grass and create an uneven structure and unsightly appearance for several days.  The costs to do this activity is quite expensive! 


With Weed Man of North DFW’s Soil Revitalizer, humic acids and specialized microbes are put to work on your lawn immediately to help:

  • Increase turf density to crowd out weeds
  • Supplement your lawn with additional vitamins and minerals
  • Increase the soil’s ability to absorb water, which is key for our clay soils
  • Fight off plant disease
  • Create a better soil structure
  • Improve lawn resiliency
  • Stabilize and improve soil pH

New homes are typically constructed on land that contain poor soils. Developers remove large quantities of topsoil, leaving homeowners with little good quality soil, which is not an ideal growing medium for turf. Lawns need organic matter to improve microbial activity in the soil, this is where Weed Man of North DFW’s Soil Revitalizer can have the biggest impact. Soils receiving large amounts of organic residues support a larger microbial population. Generally, there is an explosion in microbial numbers following the addition of Humic acids. 
As an added benefit, Weed Man of North DFW’s Soil Revitalizer is the most environmentally responsible investment you can make when it comes to keeping your lawn soft, lush, safe, healthy and green. It is a 100% natural product that won’t damage your lawn or the soil.
This treatment can be applied in the Spring and Fall time of year, but for St Augustine and Zoysia lawns this treatment should only be applied in the Spring.
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