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Prevent White Grubs

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The beetles that appear between April and June were a grub that came from anywhere around your property, not just from your lawn. These beetles lay eggs in the lawn (larvae), which will hatch and become a grub, feeding on your lawn. Most of the damage occurs to your North Texas lawn when the lawn is transitioning into winter dormancy and you cannot see the damage occurring until spring comes and the damaged areas are dead and do not turn green.

Generally, preventative treatments are more affordable than curative programs and provide you with peace of mind throughout the North Texas summer months. Once a lawn has been targeted by pesky grubs, a preventative approach is too late for this year.  At Weed Man North DFW, this critical preventative treatment is included in our Basic Program and applied in the May/June time frame.

This treatment must be watered in to be effective. Children and pets may play on treated lawns after the product is watered in.

Refer to the White Grub Fact Sheet for more information.