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Lawn Fertilization

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A well-fertilized North Texas lawn is better at preventing weed infestation, as well as drought and disease. In turn, healthy lawns help the environment by producing oxygen, cooling the air during hot weather and trapping and absorbing urban dust and pollution. Blended exclusively for Weed Man, our fertilizer is a 65 percent slow-release granular fertilizer, and is made from naturally-occurring ingredients including nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Weed Man of North DFW’s most popular premium quality, slow-release granular fertilizer feeds your lawn for 6-8 weeks depending on the time of year - the fertilizer will feed more rapidly in the hotter times of the year.

Fertilizers will provide your North Texas lawn with the nutrients needed to produce strong roots and grass that resists weeds, disease and insects. People and pets may play on the lawn immediately following application. Your Weed Man of North DFW professional has the right program for your lawn.